Ash Lockhart Bolland is a director, photographer and screenwriter.

Born 1976, Takapuna, New Zealand. He currently divides his time between Sydney, Australia, New Zealand and Los Angeles.

Bolland directed Nintendo's landmark first Super Bowl commercial, as well as the preceding Nintendo Switch launch film, which has racked up a staggering 50 million views on YouTube.

In collaboration with Brazilian musician Amon Tobin, Ash brought the Sydney opera house alive by projecting 'Audio Creatures' onto the iconic building. The elaborate projection-mapped show, which required 16 projectors, reflects Bolland's interest in the relationship between Nature vs Nurture. The film was seen live by over 2.3 million visitors.

He is known for his emotive, creative, visual style. Whose creativity spans a diverse range of mediums, that include commercials, short films, music videos, exhibitions and title sequences.


Bolland has cited Katsuhiro Otomo's 'Akira'  as his first influence, along with Fran├žois Truffaut's '400 Blows' , Vittorio De Sica's 'Bicycle Thieves', William Friedkin's 'The French Connection' and Paul Verhoeven's 'Ropocop'.


Bolland often uses previs-moods reels to visualize the sequences and tone. Bolland prefers to shoot quickly, with two cameras. His shooting style consists of low angles, handheld cameras and Steadicam. The director also favours using a wide-angle lens for creating depth and enjoys creating motivated camera movements for the audience.

Ash is collaborative, passionate and driven to create arresting visuals, precisely framed stories that add value to the human experience.

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